17 September 2018

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ADB and Lao PDR to jointly promote climate-smart agribusiness
12 Sept, 2018
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) have signed an agreement for a US$40.5mn grant for the climate-friendly agribusiness value chains sector project to help farmers and agribusinesses develop sustainable and climate-smart agriculture value chains in the country.

Chinese agricultural experts help Tanzanian farmers increase crop yield
11 Sept, 2018
While China is conducting the largest nationwide poverty alleviation campaign in history, some Chinese have gone much farther - by spreading the country's useful lessons thousands of kilometers away to Tanzania to help locals fight poverty. Tang Lixia, professor at China Agricultural University (CAU) is among 10 CAU members who are working on a program to help farmers in two Tanzanian villages improve their productivity by adopting labor-intensive methods. The team consists of professors and associate professors as well as Ph.D. and graduate students from CAU.

Incentivize sustainable farming to reverse forest loss in Africa, says World Bank report 
1 Sept, 2018
A World Bank Program on Forests (PROFOR)-funded study has examined what it will take to put agricultural value chains on the side of both the people and the planet, drawing on examples from Asia and Latin America. Specifically, the research focuses on six commodity production systems (coffee, cocoa, beef, soybean, oil palm and shea butter) and their role in tree cover loss and restoration.



Climate change driving up malnutrition rates in Pacific, UN warns
11 Sept, 2018
Climate change is having a negative effect on global agriculture and is driving up the number of hungry people around the world, according to the United Nations' 2018 State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report. It found that 821 million people -- one in every nine -- were malnourished in 2017, up from 815 million in 2016, putting at risk the UN's goal of eradicating hunger in the world by 2030.

Scientists to study climate change impact on Kerala: India
14 Sept, 2018
CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources (NISCAIR), Delhi, under the ministry of science and technology, has proposed to the ministry of earth sciences a project to study the impact of climate change in Kerala, as the coastal state struggles to rebuild itself after the devastating floods in August. The 3-year project, which has an estimated budget of ₹79 crore, would involve more than 50 scientists who would study climate change in the state and suggest adaptation measures.



More Afghans displaced by drought than conflict: Report
13 Sept, 2018
A total of 275,000 people have been displaced by drought in western Afghanistan - 52,000 more than the number uprooted by conflict this year - with over two million threatened by the effects of water shortages, the United Nations said. Reports from the U.N. and aid charities described farmers lacking seeds to sow following crop failures in some areas and livestock dying for the want of anything to eat.

Drought bites in the east as ABARES forecasts 12pc cut to grain production: Australia
12 Sept, 2018
A rough winter for grain growers on the east coast has led the Australian government commodity forecaster, ABARES, to predict a 12 per cent drop in winter grain production from last year's total. The latest crop report is tipping winter production — including wheat, barley, canola, pulses and oats, among others — to yield 33.2 million tonnes. Overall, the harvest is nine per cent below the 20-year average.



Hurricane Florence: Historic flooding predicted as storm lingers over Carolinas
16 Sept, 2018
Enormous search and rescue efforts are underway in North and South Carolina, where days of rain and flooding have driven thousands from their homes. At least 14 people have died from Hurricane Florence, which was downgraded to a tropical depression. Officials are urging caution on flooded roadways, which have made it difficult to travel in the state. One person died Sunday after a car driving on a flooded road lost control in South Carolina.



WHO report urges more action to tackle rising rates of malnutrition

13 Sept, 2018
New evidence compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has highlighted the lack of progress made in addressing types of malnutrition including child stunting and adult obesity that is putting the health of millions at risk.

Waters Sponsors new research centre to address global food, water safety challenges
13 Sept, 2018
Waters Corporation opened the doors of the new International Food and Water Research Centre (IFWRC) in Singapore to address the growing challenges of food and water security and safety. Led by a Scientific Advisory Panel, the IFWRC will support scientists throughout the world working in areas such as food authenticity, food fraud discovery, water contamination research, food quality enhancement and new ingredient/formulation studies.



Jain Irrigation to acquire US-based farm technology firm ETwater
12 Sept, 2018
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd has agreed to acquire ET Water Systems Inc., a California, US-based company that offers irrigation technology products. The acquisition will expand Jain Irrigation’s water management technology product offerings, the company said in a statement. The company, which is making the acquisition through US unit Jain Irrigation Inc., said the acquisition will strengthen its position in the US smart agriculture market.



Eating healthy diet may help conserve water: Study
11 Sept, 2018
Shifting to a healthy diet may not only boost your wellbeing, but also save a lot of precious fresh water, according to a study. The study, published in the journal Nature Sustainability, found that compared to existing diets, the water required to produce our food could be reduced by between 11 percent and 35 percent for healthy diets containing meat.

World Bank launches bond series to raise awareness about water and ocean resources
4 Sept, 2018
The World Bank launched the first in a series of bonds designed to raise awareness about the importance of ocean and water resources, the organization announced. The series was announced in conjunction with World Water Week, which took place in Stockholm from August 26-31 and gathered experts, business people and decision makers from around the world to discuss solutions to water issues. The series intends to raise $3 billion and allow investors to demonstrate their support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Global Water Security for Agriculture and Natural Resources (GWSAN), 3-6 October 2018, Hyderabad, India: An ASABE Global Initiative Conference.

5th International Symposium on Dam Safety, 27-31 October 2018, Istanbul, Turkey 

9th International Micro Irrigation Conference (9IMIC), 16-18 January 2019, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India on the theme: Micro Irrigation in Modern Agriculture.

International Dam Safety Conference 2019, 13-14 February 2019, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India 

3rd World Irrigation Forum (WIF3) and 70th International Executive Council Meeting, 1-7
September 2019, Bali, Indonesia on the theme: Development for water, food and nutrition security in a competitive environment.


Water Productivity Mapping of Major Indian Crops 2018, published by NABARD
The study on Water Productivity Mapping of Major Indian Crops presents for the first time, maps on the water productivity of ten major Indian crops across cultivating districts and states. It builds on the expectation that if key decisions regarding irrigation, cropping patterns, input pricing, and incentive structures are predicated on water productivity of crops, it would ensure that water in agriculture is distributed more widely, water-use efficiency is enhanced, and Indian agriculture becomes more sustainable and productive in the long run. Thus, the study seeks to inform targeted policies and investment interventions for meeting the twin objectives of har khet ko pani (water to every field) and ‘more crop per drop’. The report will encourage policy makers to take note of and trigger an effective response to the looming water crisis faced by the agriculture sector in India. The book has been released as an Open Access and may be downloaded @

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