27 August 2018

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Crop damage mounts for EU farmers after torrid summer
23 Aug, 2018
European farmers are counting the cost of a summer heatwave that has shrunk cereal harvests and shrivelled pastures, leaving some farms struggling to survive and shutting the EU out of lucrative export markets. The severe weather in Europe has coincided with adverse growing conditions in other major grain-producing zones such as Russia and Australia, raising the risk that supplies in exporting countries will be eroded to their smallest in years.

India has the highest number of organic farmers globally, but most of them are struggling
2 Aug, 2018
India is home to 30 per cent of the total organic producers in the world, but accounts for just 2.59 per cent (1.5 million hectares) of the total organic cultivation area of 57.8 million hectares, according to the World of Organic Agriculture 2018 report. At the same time, most organic farmers are struggling due to poor policy measures, rising input costs and limited market.

Setback in Scotland for salmon farm giant
23 Aug, 2018
The world's biggest fish farmer, Marine Harvest, has recorded a sharp fall in profits on its Scottish business in the latest quarter after facing challenges, as the group noted biological issues will weigh on volumes this year. The Norwegian giant said it made €30.8m (£28m) underlying profit on salmon of Scottish origin in the second quarter down 40 per cent on the €51.8m it achieved in the same period last time.



World's largest shipping company heads to Arctic as climate change may open up new routes
23 Aug, 2018
The world’s largest container line is about to embark on a trip through the cold Arctic to test a faster shipping method that could become viable as warmer temperatures melt open the Northern Sea Route. Around Sept 1, Denmark-based Maersk will send a new container ship—with a reinforced hull and a capacity of 3,600 containers—into the polar sea, as per the reports. Industry watchers see the trip as a potential tipping point for shipping and the Arctic.

Extreme weather risk grows as warming Earth disrupts high-altitude winds: Study
21 Aug, 2018
Scorching summer heatwaves and downpours are set to become more extreme in the northern hemisphere as global warming makes weather patterns linger longer in the same place, scientists said. They said there was a risk of “extreme extremes” in North America, Europe and parts of Asia because manmade greenhouse gas emissions seemed to be disrupting high-altitude winds that blow eastwards in vast, looping “planetary waves.”



Prolonged drought in Australia threatens farming communities
23 Aug, 2018
There’s no sign of a break in the Australian drought which has been decimating farming communities and could have a severe impact on agricultural exports, particularly to Asia. The tough conditions are drying up huge swathes of land, leaving farmers struggling to feed their livestock and water their crops. It's also exacerbating bushfires in the state.

Sweden's reindeer at risk of starvation after summer drought
22 Aug, 2018
Sweden’s indigenous Sami reindeer herders are demanding state aid to help them cope with the impact of this summer’s unprecedented drought and wildfires, saying their future is at risk as global warming changes the environment in the far north. The owners are asking for emergency funding to help pay for supplementary fodder as a replacement for winter grazing lands that could take up to 30 years to recover from the summer’s drought and fires.



Kerala begins massive clean up as floodwater recedes: India
23 Aug, 2018
With flood waters receding from most of the places, the Kerala government has taken up the massive task of cleaning houses and public places filled with slush left behind by the massive deluge that claimed 231 lives, besides causing large-scale destruction. The Southern Naval Command, also, recalled all rescue teams deployed for Kerala state. Officials said flight operations from flood-hit Kochi international airport, which has remained closed for more than a week, will resume from August 29, instead of August 26, as it would require more time to mobilize the workforce, most of whom had been affected by the floods.

Hurricane Lane lashes Hawaii with torrential rains, flash floods
24 Aug, 2018
High winds and torrential rains from Hurricane Lane pounded Hawaii on Thursday, touching off flash floods, landslides and heavy surf as it spun toward the islands, prompting schools and offices to close as residents hunkered down to ride out the storm. Moving northwest at 7 miles per hour (11 km per hour), it was classified as a powerful Category 4 storm on the five-step Saffir-Simpson scale, packing sustained winds of 130 mph (209 kph).



Recent Fall Armyworm invasion could be global, warn scientists
22 Aug, 2018
A research paper, prepared by a group of scientists from non-profit The Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) and the University of Exeter, UK has warned that the invasion by Fall Armyworms (Spodoptera frugiperda) could become global. Titled “Forecasting the global extent of invasion of the cereal pest Spodoptera frugiperda, the Fall Armyworm”, the paper has been written by Regan Early of University of Exeter and Pablo Gonzalez-Moreno, Sean T Murphy and Roger Day from CABI.

Best before date has nothing to do with food safety: Expert
23 Aug, 2018
According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) SA, South Africans throw away about 10 million tonnes of good food every year. Fruits, vegetables and cereals account for 70% of the wastage. Some of the wastage is attributed to the best before dates, which many consumers believe to indicate that food is no longer consumable. David Watson, Chairman at Food Advisory Consumer Service (FACS) says the best before date speaks to the quality of the food and nothing to do with food safety.



Micro Irrigation Systems market is determined to cross US$ 7bln by 2024
23 Aug, 2018
The Global micro irrigation systems Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 7 billion by 2024 and will grow at a CAGR of more than 18% in the given forecast period. Micro irrigation systems provide water to the plant roots through a complex pipe system and short discharge emitters. These structures are low to medium strain structures that provide water for numerous applications as spray, sprinkle, drip and mist. The growing water shortage has amplified the want to adopt micro irrigation structures in farming practices.



Study uses seismic noise to track water levels in underground aquifers
22 Aug, 2018
Seismic noise—the low-level vibrations caused by everything from subway trains to waves crashing on the beach—is most often something seismologists work to avoid. They factor it out of models and create algorithms aimed at eliminating it so they can identify the signals of earthquakes. A graduate student working in the lab of Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Marine Denolle, Clements is the lead author of a recent study that used seismic noise to measure the size and the water levels in underground aquifers in California.

Increasing surface water trends in Peninsular India
22 Aug, 2018
The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite mission, launched in March 2002 as a collaborative effort of the US and Germany, has monitored global water resources, providing observations every month. Interestingly, the GRACE satellites showed increasing groundwater in parts of peninsular India in this period. However, the surface water resources in these areas, which are the largest within India, were not yet investigated. The research investigated the surface water resources in parts of peninsular India exhibiting an increase in groundwater and tried to find the cause of its changes.



9th International Micro Irrigation Conference (IMIC), 16-18 January 2019, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India 
on the theme: Micro Irrigation in Modern Agriculture.

Hurry!! Call for abstracts extended to 31 August 2018 
Paper presentation will have to fall under the purview of any one of the topics within the sub-themes specified for the conference. Kindly access the link for online submission of abstract/ synopsis for the Conference.
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Global Water Security for Agriculture and Natural Resources (GWSAN), 3-6 October 2018, Hyderabad, India: An ASABE Global Initiative Conference.

5th International Symposium on Dam Safety, 27-31 October 2018, Istanbul, Turkey 

International Dam Safety Conference 2019, 13-14 February 2019, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India 

3rd World Irrigation Forum (WIF3) and 70th International Executive Council Meeting, 1-7
September 2019, Bali, Indonesia on the theme: Development for water, food and nutrition security in a competitive environment.


Water Productivity Mapping of Major Indian Crops 2018, published by NABARD
The study on Water Productivity Mapping of Major Indian Crops presents for the first time, maps on the water productivity of ten major Indian crops across cultivating districts and states. It builds on the expectation that if key decisions regarding irrigation, cropping patterns, input pricing, and incentive structures are predicated on water productivity of crops, it would ensure that water in agriculture is distributed more widely, water-use efficiency is enhanced, and Indian agriculture becomes more sustainable and productive in the long run. Thus, the study seeks to inform targeted policies and investment interventions for meeting the twin objectives of har khet ko pani (water to every field) and ‘more crop per drop’. The report will encourage policy makers to take note of and trigger an effective response to the looming water crisis faced by the agriculture sector in India. The book has been released as an Open Access and may be downloaded @
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